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Mother's Day Like Never Before

Like everything else, Mother’s Day is going to be different this year. No going out for leisurely brunches or meandering in and out of sweet little shops and cozy neighborhood nooks. But as the saying goes, if the water is too shallow, find different place to swim.

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Bring on the plant love!

Feeling a little boxed in? Me too! Nearly a month into our Shelter-in-place order, I’m feeling a little restless after spending so much time indoors. I’m lucky enough to see the sun rise over the Bay most days, propped up in bed sipping a hot cup of tea.  When there’s fog, it’s often just as stunning -thick layers of white, pale gray and blue, melding together water, land and sky. I’m always amazed at how different it looks every single morning. And yes, I will admit to watching cargo ships and birds through an old pair of binoculars, hoping the neighbors don’t glance up and think I’m spying on them. The other day on a whim, I stepped way from my laptop to rummage around my apartment...

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