Tina Calloway


Founder & Owner 

Tina Calloway is the head gardener and landscape designer for URBAN FARMGIRLS.  She is the creative inspiration behind all UFG's design, product and branding.  Born in England to a family of avid-gardeners, some of Tina's fondest memories are of being in her grandparents' garden during the summer months while visiting from America after immigrating to the US in 1974. Helping her grandfather in his greenhouse with his tomato plants, or mowing the lawn in a crisscross pattern were many of the activities that cultivated her green thumb. Growing up, Tina lived in rural towns in California and had horses until she went away to college to focus on an art degree. Before moving to San Francisco Tina lived in Chico CA for 6 years and grew an extensive food garden during her time there. She said "I always talked about getting a degree in horticulture if I wasn't studying art, I guess things do come full circle."



Why Pozzola? 


Pozzola is derived from the origin of the word pozzolans or natural pozzolans - in ancient times this was an ingredient used in the construction of buildings, such as grass or pumice, or artificial pozzolans such as brick or pottery.

These substances were ground up and used in original cement mixtures to build such structures as the monolithic dome of the Pantheon in Rome and many other structures in Italy at the time. It seemed fitting to give our earth friendly faux stone pots a name that reflected some of these qualities, because they are lightweight like pumice, yet durable like the ancient structures of Rome.  They are porous like stones for good drainage, functional yet decorative like pottery or brick, and they age well, curing over time with a variety of patinas.  No electricity is used in the drying of our pots as they progress through the three stages of the curing process dependent solely on the rays of the sun. 

Pozzola Artisan Pots are the original faux stone pot having the look and feel of something aged yet modern, a perfect blend of sustainable urban function and artisan design.